A. P. Lawrence

A.P. Lawrence's Linux Skills Test

© November 2002 A.P. Lawrence

These questions are intended to test your knowledge. There are 40 questions here. This is a free sample test; the actual exams contain hundreds more questions. Each question is rated as E Easy M Moderate or T Tough.

The qualification of Easy, Moderate or Tough, is completely arbitrary and highly subject to my own prejudices. Roughly, the Easy questions are those I would expect even a beginner to know, while the Moderate are what I expect an average administrator should know. Tough are things many administrators can handle, but I don't really expect them to.

If you are using these questions to help study for certification exams, they may be useful, but you will need other resources and there is no substitute for actual experience.

There's no scoring; you can tell yourself if you are doing well or not.

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Please visit http://aplawrence.com to obtain a current version. We are constantly adding questions and improving the tests, so if you are serious about improving your skills, you will want the most current set. These are not expensive, and will help you gain knowledge.

We appreciate being notified of errors of any kind. The first person to make us aware of a particular error will receive a current copy of the tests at no charge. Please include the question number (example Q0738) and send email to Test Bugs.

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